Project Description

Category: Company Background

FWC Sdn Bhd is a botanical drug development company based in Malaysia.  We are a health and wellness innovator, and incubator of next-generation technologies, products and strategies in bio-pharmaceuticals. FWC focuses on developing and commercializing nutraceutical products using proprietary and novel formulations of natural sources for a wide variety of properties: anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, anti-microbial, and which may help in combating and even reversing some cancers, degenerative and auto-immune diseases, and more.

Site Features:

We created awesome predefined website to show what we can achieve with our experience, skills and talents, we combine features from different ideas and create this website. A modern responsive front-end Landing Page based on Material Design Colors. Last, but not least our favorite:  ” A creative website with clean design that you can use for your company”.