Project Description

Category: Company Background

Our restaurant is unique in the city in more than one way. Opened 3 years ago, the restaurant is seeing the growth in its operation.We are looking to serving more variety of innovative and exciting dishes with our expanded menu. Central to the philosophy of our restaurant is the desire to encourage optimum healthy living by offering a touch of rejuvenating organic Malaysian, Chinese, Thai and Western cuisine at its best. We believe we are unique in our complete commitment to sustainability and creativity values.

Our menus are inspired by seasonal Malaysian fruits and vegetables and in an effort to be as local as we can. This gives us direct control and transparency over our supply chain, meaning we can often get daily fresh organic produce (grown without any application of artificial fertiliser or synthetic chemicals e.g. pesticides or herbicides) from earth to kitchen within hours of harvesting – because that’s what we think fresh should mean. The ingredients of our low fat food are sourced from organic farms. There is no trace of MSG in our food. Our menu is specially designed for vegans that guarantee our food is free from eggs and “five pungent spices” i.e. garlic, onion, chives, spring onion / scallion and leek.

Site Features:

We created awesome predefined website to show what we can achieve with our experience, skills and talents, we combine features from different ideas and create this website. A modern responsive front-end Landing Page based on Material Design Colors. Last, but not least our favorite:  ” A creative website with clean design that you can use for your company”.