Today’s websites are becoming more sophisticated and technically advanced, requiring a highly skilled website development company. Our highly skilled team of programmers and developers offer a diverse range of capabilities across the most cutting-edge technologies.

At KEEP DESIGN, we consult with you to identify your requirements and to create a customized and innovative web development strategy. We then match the right web development solution to your needs to allow you to enhance your image and increase your overall sales.

The web developments that we have involves before is :- Group Buying System, Property Management System (PMS), Auction & Penny Auction System, Appointment System, Social Media System, FBML, Booking Engine (PMS) and etc.


How can KEEPDESIGN Web Development services help your business?

At KEEPDESIGN, we understand better than most that an effective marketing strategy is critical to the success of your business, brand or organization. With online marketing surpassing TV, Radio and Print as the preferred advertising platform for businesses, brands and organization, we also understand that the highest-quality Web Development (services) will anchor the overall marketing strategy you wish to implement.

Our Web Development (services), from website design to website construction and programming, and execute solutions to suit your specific marketing goals. In doing so, not only does KEEPDESIGN provide an aesthetically-pleasing, highly-functional contact point for your customers, we also guarantee that our clients’ websites rank among the first page of results generated by major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo!

While your competitors are searching for an edge, can you afford not to?

To find out how KEEPDESIGN professional Web Development services can take your business to the next level, Contact Us. We will deliver only the most relevant customer enquiries to your business.

What does KEEPDESIGN Web Development Solution provide?

Analysis: KEEPDESIGN analysis the competition and target market behavior to deliver the most appropriate technical solution possible.

Strategy: KEEPDESIGN Web Development (services) include development, co-ordination and implementation the most appropriate Web Development solution to suit your business, brand or organization, as well as your target demographic.

Architecture: KEEPDESIGN designs a blue-print or template for your website’s structure, layout, functionality, and back-end systems.

Creation: Through the use of programming languages and HTML tools, KEEPDESIGN experienced team creates the structure, design and functional layout of your brand-new website.

Implementation: KEEPDESIGN Web Development (services) configure the new site to our state of the art, secure server environment and links the website to the domain information online.

Positioning: KEEPDESIGN technology to position your website in major search engines for maximum exposure to your target market and, as a direct result, increased profitability.

Monitoring: KEEPDESIGN Web Development (services) include monitoring the website and the target market and implementing relevant changes where necessary.


KEEPDESIGN driven approach separates us from other typical web design & development companies and become one of the best web design company in Malaysia served over 350 corporate companies. Throughout the years, we have built ourselves a reputation for creating high return of investment for our clients.

Professional Consultation
We emphasize on complete understanding of our clients requirements needs and make sure our clients’ message are clearly conveyed. Talk to us today, share your ideas, and couple this with our Internet Marketing expertise, you might not believe the results with your own eyes!

Creative Web Design
We pride ourselves on taking a customer-centered approach, we take every single details about your business requirements and needs into our website development process. We make sure that your website and website pages are unique and gain upper-hand over your competitor!

Standard Compliant Codebase
Our products codebase is lean, semantical and fully adhere to the industry standards. We know what works and what not so, you can be rest assured of what we recommend for you. Talk to us, and we make sure your investment is well worth it!

We Make Sure Your Website Delivers
Establishing a long term relationship with our clients is always our aim. We do not only build but we make sure the growth and continuity of your website. Periodical evaluations base on traffic statistics are conducted ensuring a steady traffic growth. We do not hesitate to report under par performance and we go back to the drawing board to get your website back in the game.

One thing you can rest assured is, that we’re NOT another one of those ‘work-alone’ freelance designer, ‘part time’ college student or ‘one-man-show’ web programmer. KEEPDESIGN & Team has been established for 5 years and have numerous reputable corporations and or any organizations as our clients. Check them out on the “Portfolio” section!

We are not One-Leg-Kicker!
At KEEPDESIGN, we have teams of personnel specializing in their area of expertise. We have project managers which overlook the progress of the whole project. Award winning designers who churn out, naturally, award winning designs. Top notched programmers who would do their hocus pocus and make the magic happen on your website. And not forgetting our dedicated web marketers who will look into your every needs and wants on the website.


Please don’t hesitate to complete the form below. Our office will respond to your interest shortly and we are looking forward to work with you.

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