Project Description

Category: Company Background

Kubiq was incorporated with the objective to offer affordable and quality modular kitchen systems to meet the growing demands in the low-to-mid market segment; this represents a whopping 80% of the market. Coupled with consumers’ increased price sensitivity and emphasis on product value, Kubiq aims to meet the needs of a fast-expanding yet discerning customer base.

Through its groundbreaking and innovative approach, Kubiq has introduced a new and creative kitchen planning experience with the utilization of our ‘Ezikit’. This patented tool allows customers to create their very own kitchen designs, with the help of our sales guides, quickly and accurately. With this hands on tool, customers can now be in control of the designing of their kitchens according to their specific wants and needs

Site Features:

We created awesome predefined website to show what we can achieve with our experience, skills and talents, we combine features from different ideas and create this website. A modern responsive front-end Landing Page based on Material Design Colors. Last, but not least our favorite:  ” A creative website with clean design that you can use for your company”.